Court docs: Man admitted he placed camera in mother and daughter's bathroom


VANCOUVER, Wash. – Police say a Vancouver man was captured on video placing a hidden camera inside a bathroom in the home of a woman and her daughter. He was arrested Friday.

Court documents say the man faces three counts of voyeurism for installing the camera.

The mother found the camera and called police.

Investigators say the camera captured video of the two residents using the bathroom while they were nude or partially nude. Both the woman and her daughter said they had no idea they were being recorded.

Police identified the suspect as 63-year-old Richard L. Townsend.

The mother said she knows him, but he did not have permission to video her or her daughter.

She said before she found the camera, Townsend would tell her how attractive she was and told her he would like to take her out.

After she found the camera, the woman said Townsend texted her repeatedly asking her out to dinner and to stay at a hotel with him.

Police say Townsend admitted he was the person caught on camera placing the hidden camera. He said the camera was his and that he placed it in the vent.

However, he claimed it was for construction purposes and forgot he left it in the bathroom.

He later provided another statement saying he put the camera in the bathroom to try and record the mother and only the mother. He said he wanted to see if she was using drugs.

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