Court docs: Man threatens to bomb Portland building with gay residents

Booking photo for Scott Wayne Smith from the Multnomah County Jail

A 47-year-old is facing an intimidation charge, accused of threatening to blow up an apartment building for people living with HIV and AIDS, court records show.

Scott Wayne Smith was booked into the Multnomah County Jail on Monday. His bail is set at $2,500.

The investigation started Monday when some residents at an apartment complex in Southwest Portland called police to report that a neighbor to the building had threatened to kill them. The two men told police they are gay, as are most residents in the building.

The caller said he was sitting on the steps of the building with a friend when Smith walked up and asked for a cigarette. He said they’d had problems with Smith in the past, so they ignored him.

Smith got upset and yelled that he was going to kill them and used a homophobic slur, the caller said.

According to a probable cause document, the residents said they’ve had similar interactions with Smith and that he “threatened to bomb the building and to kill ‘all you people.’”

Residents told KATU that they've had problems with him in the past and have had at least one negative interaction with him.

"A lot of times he'll be out there skateboarding and shaking his head," said Donnie Blodgett. "All kinds of weird stuff. Half naked," saying things like, "'I'm gonna get you, set your house on fire.'"

Wade Jorgenson said he's also had issues with Smith.

"When I walked by the hedge where he lives, he was saying all kinds of hate stuff about (vulgar slurs deleted), and they should all die. Just really awful stuff," Jorgenson said.

Smith was arraigned Tuesday, and is scheduled for his next court appearance in September. He could spend a year in jail for intimidation if he's convicted.

Smith has a couple of misdemeanors on his record.

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