Documents reveal Colton man's dramatic mood change prior to mother's beheading

Joshua Webb appears in court via video feed on May 16 - KATU photo

Dozens of pages of court documents, warrants and affidavits shed a new light on the horrific Mother's Day murder, beheading and stabbing in Estacada.

In an interview with police, the ex-girlfriend of accused murderer Joshua Webb says she saw a change in his mood back in March. His eyes “did not look right” and he started rubbing the left side of his head, she said.

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Heather Suydam said Webb asked her to leave the area in April, and move back home to the East Coast.

Psychiatric professionals say the time of year could have played a big role in his mood change.

“When they get flooded with daylight, that can be very activating which can push them towards anxiety or anger,” psychiatric nurse practitioner Michael Tremko said.

Court documents show Webb’s father spoke with him the night before the murder, saying he seemed in "good spirits."

While never having treated him, Tremko says Webb's abrupt change in behavior could have been caused by a number of things, including bi-polar disorder.

“It could also be a tumor, it could be drug use... those are things that can start psychosis,” Tremko said.

Court documents also reveal police took kitchen knives and a saw as evidence from the home Webb shared with his parents.

Police say Webb admitted to trying to kill his family's dog Cooper by breaking his neck, before killing his mom and ultimately beheading her.

Tremko says if you suspect someone has a mental health issue, pay attention to how they react.

“Irritability, if people are interpreting anything you say in the most negative possible way,” Tremko said.

Webb is being held in the Clackamas County Jail without bond until his trial next year.

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