Cowlitz County Libertarian Party hosts '2nd Amendment Rally' in Longview

Cowlitz County Libertarian Party hosts '2nd Amendment Rally' in Longview (Reed Andrews/KATU)

The Cowlitz County Libertarian Party hosted a '2nd Amendment Rally' in Longview, Washington Saturday.

The event encouraged people to come show their 'support for an belief in our Constitutional Republic,' and 'stand with your countrymen against all forms of tyranny.'

"I'm pretty strong for the Second Amendment," said Chase Corbett from Longview. "Any type of weapon that is sold now would just be a blow to us," he added in response to proposed gun control.

Speakers from all over Washington State took to the podium to energize the crowd. They shot down calls for stiffer gun regulations and instead called for increased security at schools throughout the Evergreen State.

"Why is there no protection at school?" said Tony Holliday, who drove up from Vancouver for the rally. "Why are there no metal protectors to get in the door?"

Chuck Powers attended the rally and the Longview resident says he's a strong Second Amendment supporter but says he's open to some limited gun control measures.

"I got real concerns about gun rights," Powers said. "I'm in the middle a little bit, I'm not sure we need a bump stock, things like that."

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