Cowlitz deputies arrest man for threatening Facebook post

Cowlitz County deputies said Brando L. Vail of Longview, Washington posted a picture on Facebook that contained this fake bomb. (Photo: Cowlitz County Sheriff's Office)

Cowlitz County sheriff’s deputies arrested a 42-year-old man Thursday, accusing him of posting on Facebook a threat to bomb his workplace.

Just after 10 p.m. on Halloween, deputies said Brando L. Vail posted a picture of a man holding what appeared to be a bomb with the caption, “Walt’s Meats Company will be closed tomorrow. Thank you for your loyal meat buying. Have a nice Halloween.”

Vail works at the Woodland company.

Concerned employees who saw the post contacted management, which took the post seriously, called police and did a security sweep of the business.

Vail didn’t show up for work Thursday morning and police arrested him at a home in Longview. Deputies said they found the fake bomb that was seen in the social media post.

Deputies said Vail told them it was a joke and he posted the picture when he was intoxicated.

Deputies arrested him for making a bomb threat.

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