Coyote found in Kennewick man's home was drowned

The coyote pup found in a Kennewick man's home was euthanized

KENNEWICK, Wash. - The coyote pup found in a Kennewick man's home on Monday was to be released into the wild. Instead it was drowned.

Jake McChesney, the man who originally found it is very upset.

"I wouldn't have even let that guy into my house if I had known his true intentions,” McChesney said.

After McChesney called police, a call was made to Wildlife Animal Control, a trapping business owned and operated by Don Caraway.

Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) said Caraway has told the department he drowned the pup. Caraway has been licensed with WDFW as a nuisance wildlife control operator since 2001.

WDFW officials said this is the first issue they have had with Caraway since he's been licensed with the department.

Caraway and his friend came out to trap the scared pup.

They told McChesney and his kids they were going to let the pup out into the wild to howl until he finds his mother, McChesney said.

That didn’t happen.

"I haven't been able to confirm with the officers what method was used, but the animal was euthanized," said Jason Fidorra, representative from Washington Fish and Wildlife.

The trappers said what they did was within Washington Fish and Wildlife protocol.

"You're not allowed to relocate wild animals and put them somewhere else,” said Tiffany Purdue, Calaway’s girlfriend. “And even if we had done that he wouldn't have survived by himself."

Fish and Wildlife gave a similar explanation. "Unfortunately in some of these situations if we released it, it’s going to die a long and less humane death,” Fidorra said.

But McChesney and some members of the community are thinking there were other options.

“My whole problem is he lied to me,” McChesney said. “If I had known his true intentions, I wouldn't have even let him in."

Washington Fish and Wildlife are investigating how the coyote was euthanized to ensure it follows their protocol, Fidorra said.

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