Crash sends car into boat in NW Portland

NW Westlawn Terrace crash - Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue photo

PORTLAND, Ore. - A car landed on top of a boat Sunday morning after a driver crashed in a Northwest Portland neighborhood, Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue said.

Fire crews rushed to stabilize the car so paramedics could start treating the injured driver. No word on that person's current condition.

The crash happened about 8:30 a.m. Sunday in the 13000 block of NW Westlawn Terrace.

The boat's owner, Tim Brown, was home doing the dishes when he saw the car coming towards his house.

"Catapulted across the street, landed on our driveway and bounced up on the vehicles," Brown said.

Brown says he's had a car totalled before, after a previous incident where a car crashed in to his driveway. He didn't have much time to be surprised by what happened Sunday morning. After seeing what had happened, he had his wife call 911, then Brown jumped in to action.

"I had just taken an EMR class. Fortunately it was still fresh in my mind," Brown said. "I grabbed my bag, I jumped on top and tried to make contact with the person in the vehicle."

Witnesses said the driver lost control, drove up a berm and traveled through some trees before landing on the boat.

Emergency responders at the scene said it's possible the driver suffered some sort of medical issue before the crash.

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