Crews work to ready new Right To Dream Too, spruce up Kenton neighborhood homeless village

Workers set up structures at the new location for the homeless camp, Right To Dream Too. (KATU Photo)

People who live in the homeless camp Right to Dream Too are moving to North Portland.

On Monday, people at the new site – a plot of land along North Interstate Avenue near the Moda Center – spent the day getting ready for the arrival of dozens of campers. They worked to build new structures at the site.

The campers have been living in the Right To Dream Too camp in Old Town. The camp itself has been there for 5 years but was recently bought by a development firm.

The new location is owned by the Portland Bureau of Transportation and will include several tiny homes for campers to sleep in.

Kenton Neighborhood Camp

Meanwhile, as summer approaches, some good Samaritans were out in North Portland Monday, getting a village of sleeping pods for the homeless ready for the warm weather.

In March, the Kenton neighborhood approved the village, which houses more than a dozen women.

A work party gathered to help spruce up the place. They built berms and planters for gardens, stairs and fences, and added final touches to some of the pods.

The groups helping out include students from Portland State, who helped design some of the pods.

"Those that took the leadership in the design really felt that engaging with folks that were houseless was very important in the design of the pod, and also our specific pod had a focus on using reclaimed materials to kind of promote an aspect of sustainability to the build of the pod itself," said Monica Nunes, who helped design one of the pods.

The village is located just north of Kenton Park on Argyle Street.

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