Cupid Crew delivers Valentine's Day to local senior centers: 'It's about love'

Cupid Crew delivers Valentine's Day to senior centers in the Portland metro area - KATU image

Valentine's Day isn't just a holiday for couples.

Volunteers with the Vital Life Foundation celebrated the day by visiting senior centers.

The "Cupid Crew" handed out roses, organized music performances, and special visits with a therapy dog.

It may seem like an unconventional Valentine's Day, but for the volunteers it was another way to express their love.

"It's about love, and I think all of us do what we do because we love the people, the residents we serve,” said Laurie Thomas of the Vital Life Foundation. “We're involved in a lot of different ways, but we have a deep sense of care and compassion, and we just want to show 'em that we love 'em"

The Cupid Crew visited four local senior centers on Wednesday as part of a national movement that stopped by centers in 75 different cities across the country. In total, crew volunteers handed out some 10,000 roses to seniors.

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