Sheriff: 8-year-old boy breathing, but not conscious after drowning at Blue Lake Park

Screenshot from video taken at the scene by Joel Martinez.

A boy was found floating in the water Saturday at Blue Lake Park by his father, according to the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office.

The boy was rushed to the hospital, however, deputies don't know his current condition. The boy was unconscious and breathing when we was loaded into the ambulance, deputies said.

Joel Martinez captured the rescue on his phone.

In the 12-minute long video you can see people around the boy and attempt to help the boy. Eventually, the young man is loaded into the ambulance.

Deputies say an off-duty nurse who was nearby was able to help with CPR until medics arrived.

Martinez said there were a lot of people swimming at Blue Lake in the area where the boy was found.

"There are so many people I can loose track of (my own son)," Martinez said through an interpreter.

Deputies said the boy was not wearing a life jacket when he was found.

Sgt. Stephen Dangler, with the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office River Patrol, said children should use life jackets, but said parents should be next to their swimming children in the water.

"As soon as a child goes under water just for one second, they're gone," Dangler said.

A Metro spokesperson said the organization is considering installing a life jacket kiosk at the park for people to have access to life jackets.

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