Decision reached on new MAX line route from downtown Portland to Tigard

(KATU Graphic)

After years of planning, a steering committee reached a unanimous decision on the route of a new light rail line that will run from Southwest Portland to Bridgeport Village.

The project is estimated to cost up to $2.8 billion.

To complete the project, TriMet will need to purchase several properties.

Over a hundred homes and apartment buildings were impacted by the proposed routes.

The line will run in the middle of Southwest Barbur Boulevard, through Tigard and along train tracks before stopping at Bridgeport Village.

"I have my own car for one, and for me it's a lot quicker," said Stephanie Keenan who lives in Lake Oswego.

Keenan expects more traffic since drivers will have to stop for the MAX line to go through intersections and streets.

"I think public transportation is great, but around (Tigard) there's so much local traffic, it would be absolutely chaotic," Keenan said.

Bus riders at Bridgeport Village said a light rail line would make their commute more convenient.

There are plans to acquire several properties as part of the plan.

On Southwest Barbur Boulevard, Brittany Spray's apartment building is one of the properties on the list.

"To me it doesn't seem worth it because this is a really neat, historical building, and it's kind of sad to lose it right in this spot for a MAX line in an area that isn't really walkable," Spray said.

Metro is set to complete the design by 2020. Construction is several years out.

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