Dentist offers free work after man suffers broken jaw, loses teeth in MAX train beating

X-ray shows Robert Valentino's broken jaw and missing teeth - Image courtesy Hillsboro Dental Excellence

PORTLAND, Ore. – A man recently attacked in front of his family on a MAX train suffered a broken jaw and lost several teeth, and a local dentist has offered to help him recover from his injuries.

Robert Valentino was attacked on December 27 while riding a MAX train. He said he was with his wife and 10-year-old daughter when he confronted a group that had just gotten on the train at the Northeast 60th Avenue station; he asked them to turn down music they were playing.

Police say two people in the group eventually attacked Valentino.

“I stepped back, and that's when I felt somebody hit me on the left. And when that happened I felt my - I felt something like shift. I didn't know it was my jaw, but I did know - feel my teeth being broken out here,” Valentino said.

Police arrested two 15-year-olds, Jeremiah Hannon and Marquavius Ware, on Measure 11 charges. Authorities say they were identified as attackers in surveillance video from TriMet cameras.

Hillsboro Dental Excellence reached out to KATU News offering to replace Valentino's four missing teeth with new implants for free, just to help make things right.

"Being hit like that, it just broke my heart to hear," said Dr. Geoffrey Skinner of Hillsboro Dental Excellence. "Just tore me up inside to hear about, so my team and I felt it was the right move to step and make sure that he got taken care of."

“I am so in awe and blown away by such a beautiful gesture. You know? Such a beautiful gesture of someone being so kind, you know? Especially coming from a place where I was feeling so sad about the world,” said Valentino.

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