Deputies cite men for dumping garbage, one caught wearing recycling shirt

Photo from the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office (*note - the men's faces were blurred in the original sheriff's office post)

COLTON, Ore. – Deputies stopped two men from dumping loads of garbage along a rural road outside the town of Colton, the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office said.

Law enforcement said they stopped the men when they were trying to drive off from an illegal trash dump on the side of Hunter Road. One of them was wearing a shirt that had a recycling symbol and the words “going green,” in truly ironic fashion.

They admitted to dumping the garbage and both were cited for illegal dumping. Deputies said the men cleaned up the mess “without complaint” before leaving.

“With any luck they’ve learned their lesson,” officials said in a Facebook post.

Clackamas County has a program devoted to cleaning up illegal dump sites and preventing more from turning up on county-owned forest land. You can report an illegal dump by calling (503) 318-5579.

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