Driver loses control, slams SUV into Wilsonville home with family inside

The Wilsonville Police Department is investigating after a driver crashed into a house on Sept. 27, 2018. Photo courtesy Clackamas County Sheriff's Office

WILSOVILLE, Ore. – A Wilsonville family needs to rebuild part of their home after a driver came plowing in through the front of the home on the corner of Canyon Creek Road and Thornton Drive.

No one was hurt, officials said.

"She's like 'there's a car in our sitting room,'" Josh Carpenter recounts, on the phone with his wife. "I’m like 'what do you mean?' She's like, 'a kid drove a car into our sitting room.'”

Josh Carpenter rushed home from work to find a whole lot of damage. Thankfully, no one was injured in the crash.

“Just... worry," Carpenter says, welling up with tears.

He’s trying to not focus on the what ifs. His step-son is usually sitting in a chair by the front window, waiting for the bus, and his wife was on the other side of the house.

“My wife is my rock, so," Carpenter says. "It would have been, it would have been bad."

The driver didn’t want to be interviewed on camera, but said he must have passed out or fallen asleep.

He says one minute he was on the road and the next thing he knew he was in the home. Police say the driver passed a field sobriety test and they’re not ruling out anything as they investigate why he lost control.

“I mean it still hasn’t hit me that we’re going to have to go through fixing our house," Carpenter says. But he isn't focusing too much on that.

"You just be thankful for what did happen rather than what didn’t happen.”

Carpenter told KATU that a young kid was also waiting for the bus on the corner, and somehow wasn't hit. Police say the driver will likely be cited, but don’t know what the charge would be until they have all the information they need.

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