Deputies ID teen who pushed friend off Moulton Falls bridge in Wash.

Screen shot from Facebook video of girl pushed off Moulton Falls Bridge

YACOLT, Wash. – Deputies identified the suspect who pushed her 16-year-old friend off of a bridge at Moulton Falls last Tuesday, causing the girl to break five ribs and suffer a lung injury.

The Clark County Major Crimes team said 18-year-old Taylor Smith is cooperating with investigators. She is accused of pushing Jordan Holgerson off of the high arch bridge into the Lewis River below.

Video of the incident quickly spread on social media, with many concerned for Holgerson’s well-being. Medical professionals say a fall from that height could have been fatal.

The sheriff’s office said they are forwarding the case to the Clark County Prosecutor’s Office for “appropriate charging.”

In an interview, Jordan told KATU News she had initially wanted to jump off the bridge after she saw a friend do it.

“I went to the top of the bridge and my other – my friend she came up to the bridge with me,” Holgerson said as she described the moments leading up to the push. “And so, she was counting down, but I didn’t think anything of it. And I was like, ‘No, don’t count down, like, I won’t go if you count down. I’m not ready.’ And then, she pushed me.”

Holgerson said she doesn’t remember falling, but she remembers entering the water. When she surfaced, she thought she was swimming back to shore fine, but bystanders on land noticed she was drowning.

Holgerson said she didn’t feel any pain at first, just a lot of adrenaline.

“And then an EMT that was off-duty helped me onto the rocks and just a whole bunch of people surrounding me were helping me, calming me down,” she said.

Now, Holgerson has a long road to recovery ahead of her. She was thinking of trying out for the high school volleyball or soccer team, but instead she’ll be resting and taking walks for the next several weeks.

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