Deputies patrol for drivers violating new cell phone law

Distracted drivers pulled over by Washington County Sheriff's deputies (KATU Photo)

Washington County Sheriff's deputies spent several hours on patrol Thursday morning, looking for violators of the state's new cell phone law.

An undercover officer spotted drivers using their phones and alerted uniformed deputies.

Tyler Melton had his wireless headset on to answer phones.

"It's a little bit frustrating… it's also making the area a little bit safer, I get that, but I'm also getting pulled over for just changing my music," he said.

He got off with just a warning. The new law states you can't hold your cell phone while driving - but you can use your finger to touch or swipe for navigation or to answer a call.

"We're not out here to make everyone's day horrible, to cause you financial pain, we just want you to be safe," Deputy Jeff Talbot said. "If we did this mission today and found no one on their cell phones during this mission, we would be happy. Of course, that's not he case today, but that's what we want."

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