Deputies to tow hazardous double-wide dumped in Cornelius school parking lot back to owner

Mobile home left at Elementary School in Cornelius - Washington County Sheriff's Office photo 1.jpg

CORNELIUS, Ore. – One half of a double-wide was dumped in an elementary school parking lot over the weekend in Cornelius, and Washington County deputies say they think they know who the owner is and want to return it.

Neighbors spotted two men in a white pickup drive into the Echo Shaw Elementary School parking lot Saturday afternoon with the mobile home attached to the back and leave it there.

“It was disgusting. The way it drove by we could see the open side of the mobile home. It was empty, rotted, moldy, disgusting,” said one neighbor who lives across the street.

Deputies responded to the school just after the men drove away.

Several local agencies, including the Forest Grove School District, Washington County Sheriff’s Office, and City of Cornelius, had to figure out what to do with the decrepit double-wide. In the end, they towed it a few blocks away to the Cornelius Public Works yard where it sat on Monday.

“We have concerns about materials inside of it, if there is any mold or hazardous waste,” said Deputy Jeff Talbot, a spokesperson for the sheriff’s office. “We also have to handle it more carefully than we would with another piece of disposed property.”

Talbot says they received dozens of tips from community members over the weekend.

Some Tipsters pointed to a Craigslist ad posted last week.

The headline read: “Doublewide Trailer - I will pay you to take.”

The writer of the ad said they needed to have the double-wide off their property before Saturday. They offered cash.

“$500 for each half. You will get the cash for each half when it is off our property as you are towing it away,” read the ad.

Talbot says they used that tip to locate the owner, but they still do not know who the suspect is. They are investigating further. Deputies are working to return the trailer to the owner.

“We have some suspect information and evidence we are following up on as we speak,” said Talbot. “We hopefully can find whoever did this and hold them accountable for it.”

A spokesperson for the Forest Grove School District said school was not impacted by the mobile home left in their parking lot.

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