Disabled Gresham veteran's SUV stolen on Veterans Day


A disabled veteran who lives in Gresham was stunned last weekend when he discovered his SUV had been stolen on Veterans Day.

"I was sick," said Steven, who didn't want his last name used. "I loved that vehicle. I put a lot of money into that vehicle."

Steven served two tours in the military and bought the 1993 Nissan Pathfinder shortly after being discharged. KATU News confirmed with Gresham Police that Steven had reported his SUV stolen.

"I can't believe anyone would do that," he said. "It's like stealing a wheelchair from an old person. They need that wheelchair. I need that vehicle to get back and forth to the VA Hospital."

Steve's SUV is a 1993, dark gray Nissan Pathfinder with an Oregon license plate that reads 'D 33008.' It has a 'US Army Veteran' emblem on the back as well as an NRA sticker. He's hoping someone sees it somewhere or that the thief sees his story and has a change of heart.

"I just want my vehicle back," he says. "Drain the tank, take whatever you want, but don't destroy my vehicle."

He also hopes the theft can be a lesson to others.

"Everybody keep your eyes open and look out for your neighbor. Watch out for your neighbor. See who's living around you."

Anyone who might happen to spot the vehicle should call Gresham Police.

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