Discarded election ballots found in Northeast Portland

Leah Mayes-Nurse found these election ballots dumped along the street in her neighborhood. (Contributed Photo)

Two people say they found discarded election ballots on the street in one Northeast Portland neighborhood Thursday.

Both incidents happened near the intersection of Northeast 57th and Killingsworth.

"I found three ballots were in the middle of the road and had gotten run over a couple times," said Leah Mayes-Nurse.

Mayes-Nurse says she found 16 ballots, plus voter's pamphlets, lying in a pile of mail dumped beside a bush along one street Thursday morning.

During a second walk through the neighborhood, she found three more discarded ballots.

"So, we collected them and checked in with the post office and returned them to the post office, and they're gonna investigate the addresses and see if there's any pattern to any mail theft that's been happening recently," said Mayes-Nurse.

Multnomah County elections officials say they've only had a handful of voters over the past 10 years request new ballots because theirs were missing.

"So, it's extremely rare that ballots are lost. But it does happen," said Multnomah County Communications Director Julie Sullivan-Springetti.

Elections officials say lost ballots aren't a security concern because each ballot isn't valid until it's signed, the ballots don't hold any personal information mail thieves are searching for, any voter who needs a ballot can get a replacement through the elections office and there are anti-election fraud measures.

"We have people checking signatures. But more importantly, we are asking -- that's where the public comes in. If you're a registered voter, you should get your ballot by the end of next week," said Sullivan-Springetti.

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