District fixing lead paint problem at Portland school

PORTLAND, Ore. -- A mother at Alameda School contacted KATU News after she was frustrated Portland Public Schools wasn't doing more to fix the lead paint problem at her child's school.

Virginia La Forte saw a report from October, 2013 that documented lead paint chipping and flaking on the school building.

"I know they saw those results. Somebody at the school district should've seen those results and done something immediately," La Forte said. "They've done nothing except maybe clean up some paint chips."

KATU on Thursday met with the district's operations manager, Tony Magliano, to introduce him to La Forte and show him her concerns.

Magliano saw the paint chipping off the railing outside the building and promised immediate action.

"They need to be painted and the district is going to take care of that."

Magliano also told KATU the district is working on a plan to address similar problems at more than a dozen other schools with painted wood siding that are aging like Alameda.

KATU's Stephen Mayer was at Alameda on Friday morning when a PPS work crew arrived at 7 a.m. to begin repainting the railing.

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