Docs: Woman's husband assaults man she was having an affair with at Oregon nail salon

Than Duy Kim (via Benton County Sheriff's Office)

An Oregon man is accused of violently assaulting the man his wife was having an affair with at a nail salon earlier this month.

The victim was found unconscious with a significant head injury at the Corvallis Nail Salon on NW Kinds Boulevard around 8 p.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 5.

Court documents obtained by KATU News reveal the salon owner was having an affair with the victim at her nail salon earlier that evening.

Police say her husband, Than Duy Kim, went to the nail salon that night, and noticed two cars outside. Kim told police he was carrying a baseball bat in one hand and a gun in the other when he entered the salon.

The gun fell out of his hand, so police say Kim used a bat to hit the head of the man his wife was sleeping with multiple times. When the victim fell to the ground, police say Kim kept hitting him, even grabbing a nearby knife to slash his face.

Police say Kim dumped the knife and bat in a nearby dumpster, and was arrested shortly after on charges of assault, attempted murder and unlawful use of weapon.

The victim had brain surgery immediately after the assault and remains on life support.

When asked what emotion he felt during the attack, Kim told police he felt "closure."

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