Doe Donuts: Portland's first all-vegan doughnut shop finds unique combinations to satisfy

Vegan donuts at Doe Donuts. (Stuart Tomlinson/kATU)

Inspiration for new doughnut varieties at Doe Donuts -- Portland's only all-vegan doughnut shop -- comes from such diverse sources as the Oregon Trail, seasonal summer drinks, cookies and ice cream flavors.

Owners Carly Sitner and Crystal Wegener were making doughnuts for a large grocery chain on weekends when they decided to strike out on their own, opening their shop late last year at the corner of Southeast 82nd Avenue and Powell Boulevard.

"Traditional doughnuts would have eggs, butter, milk," said Sitner. "Our doughnuts have none of that, no animal products. So we’re able to get the same great fluffiness, texture, and taste. It’s still a doughnut, it’s deep fried but it’s just a lighter, better product in our opinion."

And more inventive, too, with names such as The Golden Child, Vanilla Bean Bullseye and Thai Tea Fritter. All the doughnuts are organic, with one hundred percent fruit purees and fair trade chocolate. Customers are snapping them up.

Anastasia Watson, a first time visitor to the store, filled a small box with the Oregon Trail doughnut, a mint chocolate chip waffle, the Thai fritter and the All or Nothing.

"I’ve been stalking their Instagram, like I want that one and that one and that one," Watson said. "I’m definitely excited -- it’s a really big step for the vegan community in Portland, which I’m really stoked for."

Sitner said during the summer they look to seasonal drinks, creating doughnuts such as peach iced tea or an Arnold Palmer.

"We take ideas from all types of food," she said. "I’m always up for suggestions."

Sitner and Wegener -- who have both attended culinary school -- are discovering that vegans like doughnuts too.

"There are doughnut shops around town that have vegan options, but there are just one or two (doughnuts)," she said. '"Every major city seems to have a vegan doughnut shop that does really well -- and we’re Portland."

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