Puppy stolen from owner's car while he was at work overnight

Surveillance images and the dog that was stolen from a parked car in Clark County (Courtesy Clark County Sheriff's Office)

A Clark County man says his dog was stolen from inside his car while he was at work early Thursday morning.

Clark County Sheriff's deputies say the owner was parked at a Minnehaha Street industrial complex while he was working, when someone broke into his car between 3 a.m. and 4 a.m.

Surveillance video caught the suspect in the act, who appears to have been driving a light-colored Honda Ridgeline or a similar type of car.

The stolen dog is a 21-week-old Bluetick Hound/lab mix, said Norman Miller, the dog's owner.

Abby, he told KATU News, went with him every day to work. He said his shift starts at 3 a.m. and he was warming up the office before he brought her inside. When he went to his truck, he said Abby was gone.

Hours later, Miller said he reviewed the surveillance video from his work and saw someone take his dog from his truck.

"(He) went to the passenger side, the door was locked. He couldn't really get in so he went to the driver's side, it was unlocked, because I was coming back out. I come back out and she's gone."

The puppy, he expects, didn't put up much of a fight.

"She was still in the puppy stage where she wanted to play with everybody," he said.

Miller said there was a couple hundred dollars' worth of tools in his truck that wasn't touched. He thinks someone was waiting for the right time to steal his dog.

He said he doesn't care who took his dog, he just wants Abby back.

If you have information about this case, contact Deputy Erik Dunham at Erik.Dunham@Clark.Wa.Gov.

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