DON'T FALL FOR IT: Hillsboro Police warn of payroll direct deposit scams


The Hillsboro Police Department is warning the public of scams that involve changing an employee's direct deposit information, resulting in paychecks being re-directed to the scammers' bank accounts.

Police say the scams usually occur as a result of a “phishing” email that sends the recipient to a website to “update” their direct deposit information, or a compromised account where the scammer obtains the employee’s ID and password, signs on and changes the Direct Deposit instructions.

According to police, the newest trend is for the scammer to obtain basic employee information, then design a personal check with the person's, name and address, and use the scammer’s bank account information in the bottom of the check. The scammer sends this check and the request to change the direct deposit to the new account to employees' payroll/HR department.

Hillsboro police recommend people check with their payroll/HR department to ensure they have a process in place for detecting direct deposit changes.

Keep your eyes open for any email requesting that you “confirm” your sign-on credentials.

Payroll/ HR personnel will never send you an email asking for your password.

If you do respond to a phishing attack, police say you should change your password immediately and check your direct deposit information.

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