Don't Shoot PDX joins groups across US marking 4th anniversary of Michael Brown's shooting


Groups across the nation marked a painful chapter in Civil Rights history, honoring Michael Brown on the 4-year anniversary of his shooting death.

Brown was 18 years old when he was gunned down by a white police officer on the streets of Ferguson, Missouri. A Grand Jury found the officer acted in self-defense.

Brown's death sparked months of protest in Ferguson and around the country.

In Portland, his death was the genesis for the movement Don't Shoot Portland, founded by Teressa Raiford.

“I remember the first anniversary of the Mike Brown murder when they came and arrested me. I was in a bike lane, but I got arrested because people felt like I was doing something that was extreme,” said Raiford. “Standing up and fighting for our lives is not extreme, it makes sense.”

Don't Shoot PDX marked the anniversary by holding a vigil downtown.

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