Residents rally to save community centers possibly facing closure

Courtesy Dawn Haecker

Neighbors from around Portland are fighting hard to keep several community centers open.

Mayor Ted Wheeler has asked the Parks and Rec Bureau to cut 5 percent from their budget. That would force the closure of several community centers, including Sellwood, Woodstock and Hillside.

Residents are against the closures, and held a rally Saturday to voice their concerns.

"We're here signing petitions, writing postcards, getting people to sign up to go the forums so we can make a sustained effort to stand up for our communities," resident Julie Currin said.

The parks bureau says they don't want to cut the community centers, and that the budget process is far from over.

If they can get away with 3 percent cuts instead of 5, the community centers will be saved.

The city will hold another community budget forum on April 3.

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