Dubai tourist's video debating traffic law with Oregon State Trooper goes viral

Image used courtesy 'Stig's Persian Cousin'.

PORTLAND, Ore. – An interaction between an Oregon State Police officer and a tourist who brought his Lamborghini over to North America from Dubai is going viral.

The five-minute-long video, posted by Youtuber "Stig's Persian Cousin," has more than 3 million views since it was uploaded a week ago.

In it, the trooper repeatedly asks the driver for documents, which he provides throughout the video.

“The reason I'm stopping you is cause you don't have any license plates on this car, is there a reason for that?” the trooper asks.

“Uh, I'm from Dubai, it's my license plate right there. I'm visiting as a tourist," the driver replies.

The driver tries to explain that he's following the law, while the trooper insists he's wrong. According to Oregon law, the driver was in the right.

ORS 803.305 (14) states “Vehicles currently registered and titled in any other country, state or territory are not required to be registered by this state.”

ORS 807.020 (1) states “A person who is not a resident of this state or who has been a resident of this state for less than 30 days may operate a motor vehicle without an Oregon license or driver permit if the person holds a current out-of-state license issued to the person.”

After going to his patrol car to review the driver’s temporary import paperwork, the trooper leaves for another call.

Oregon State Police tell us they will not comment on the video.

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