Eagle Creek Fire officially 100 percent contained

Photos of landmarks in the Columbia River Gorge after the Eagle Creek Fire burned through the region. (Photo taken by Chris Liedle 10-4-2017)

The Eagle Creek Fire is officially 100 percent contained.

The Incident Information System tracking the fire's developments posted that as of November 30 at 12 pm, the fire is 100 percent contained.

The update means officials have determined that the fire is not expected to grow beyond its perimeter. It is not the same as officially declaring the fire "out." Officials say no further growth is expected, but timber and other flammable natural materials may still be burning within the fire perimeter.

“We are comfortable at this stage that the fire will not grow outside of its existing perimeter, but there may be fuels smoking in a few places in remote terrain,” said Chris Harper, current incident commander for Eagle Creek Fire.

Officials say closures, which includes numerous recreation sites in the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area and Mt. Hood National Forest, remain unchanged except for Multnomah Falls Lodge and front plaza, which opened yesterday.

“Folks might be wondering why we went from 50% contained to 100% contained,” said Rachel Pawlitz, public affairs office for the national scenic area, “We had held the number at 50% for some time as a reflection of the percent surrounded by containment lines. Today, we changed it to 100 % contained based on our review of conditions and comfort level that it will not grow anywhere in its perimeter.”

More information about the fire closure and post-fire response can be found on the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area website at www.fs.usda.gov/crgnsa.

The Eagle Creek Fire was reported on September 2, eventually reaching 48,831 acres.

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