Business sues Portland over proposal to sell property meant for homeless camp

Right 2 Dream too - KATU photo

A Central Eastside Portland business is suing the city over what they say is a failed plan to move a homeless camp into space next to their property.

East Side Plating is seeking $9.9 million, claiming the ordeal may end up costing the company "irreversible damage."

In 2015, the City of Portland planned to move the Right 2 Dream Too homeless camp next to East Side Plating. The city bought the property and left it vacant. The Right 2 Dream Too camp never moved into the space after a state land use board blocked the move.

East Side Plating says they've always used the space to park delivery trucks, and that Portland had previously agreed to keep allowing the company to do so. The lawsuit alleges Portland is no longer honoring that agreement.

"The City has refused to be bound by the terms of the ordinance it enacted and has instead notified ESP of its intent to sell the property," East Side Plating states in the suit.

The company says if the city sells the property, delivery trucks will no longer be able to access that area, which could disrupt operations.

East Side Plating has operated on the property for 72 years.

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