Evergreen Public Schools high school graduation rate continues to rise

File image - Evergreen Public Schools

VANCOUVER, Wash. – Evergreen Public Schools says its high school graduation rate is on the rise.

The district says in 2018, more than 87.5 percent of students graduated on time in June. New data show the total is rising to nearly 90 percent as students recover credits and pass required tests after finishing their senior year.

The Washington state average graduation rate in 2018 was 79.3 percent for on-time graduation and 82.4 percent for students who completed graduation requirements within five years.

Evergreen School District says each of its six high schools has made gains over the past three years in improving on-time graduation.

“We have been thoughtful and methodical in identifying students early in their high school career who may struggle and need additional assistance. It could be anything from improving attendance, to reducing test-taking anxiety to looking for a personalized approach to a subject,” said Bill Oman, executive director of secondary education. “In particular, we have two high schools-Legacy and Heritage – that have made great strides in helping students succeed and successfully get to graduation.”

Evergreen Public Schools Board of Directors has set a goal that students will graduate prepared for personal success in their choice of career or post-secondary education.

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