Family mourns loss of 4-year-old killed in Sherwood apartment parking lot

DJ Otis, four-year-old killed in Sherwood apartment parking lot

A 4-year-old was hit and killed by a driver Friday afternoon, police said.

Family told KATU News Daniel Junior Otis, known as DJ, died.

Residents of the Creekview Crossing apartment complex said the neighborhood felt eerie Saturday.

"He was just a ball of life. He was the light of (our) family. He was the goofball -- the character that ran around and made everyone laugh," said Jeremiah Otis, the boy's uncle.

Otis said his brother, Daniel Otis and his wife, Alisa, just moved from southern California last fall.

"It's just not a place where you want to raise children anymore. They were looking for alternate places and you couldn't ask for a better place than this," Otis said.

He said the couple was starting a new life with their two daughters and son. Otis said the whole family is in shock.

"I know how I'm feeling, and it's just numb, but to be a parent, you shouldn't have to watch your children die or bury a child," he said.

The couple, he said, didn't expect such an unexpected loss or the expense of a funeral.

Family has set up a GoFundMe to help raise money for the Otis family and help them pay for the cost of a funeral.

A local business is also helping the family. On Wednesday, The Hungry Hero Desert Company is donating cupcake sales to the Otis family to help them pay for funeral expenses. The fundraiser is from 6 to 8:00 pm.

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