Fast-moving brush fire burns structures near Forest Grove

10-acre fire near Forest Grove - Photo courtesy Forest Grove Fire

Fire crews managed to contain a fast-moving brush fire that burned about 20 acres near Forest Grove on Monday evening, destroying a barn and damaging three other structures.

The fire was first reported about 3 p.m. off of Timmerman Road near the Shearer Hill Road intersection.

Officials upgraded the response to four alarms as the flames spread quickly through the grass and into the understory of some nearby timber, Forest Grove Fire said.

"It's really scary. They all have horses. This is a lovely little valley that people live in here," said Kimberly Brown. Her family lives near the fire.

"If you live out in these rural areas, it's just about defensible space. No vegetation near your house or any structures up to 30 feet. Have all your trees trimmed (100 feet away), so if a fire does start it's not going to spread to the trees," said Matt Johnston with the Forest Grove Fire Department.

According to firefighters, eight homes were evacuated or were already vacant. But now they said residents can go back home.

The fire is out and firefighters are mopping up.

"I'm just really appreciative of the firefighters that jump into action," said Walter Grosse. "I'm just really appreciative to all those people for all their hard work."

No word on what sparked the fire but investigators believe it was human caused.

"It's very dry. We need some rain," said Heath Jackson, who lives in Forest Grove.

Timmerman Road was closed between Parson and Highway 6.

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