Feeling the burn? High tree pollen counts hit Pacific Northwest

Pollen count for Portland on 4-18-16

PORTLAND, Ore. - Soaking up the sun in this unseasonably warm weather might come with some runny noses and sneezing for allergy sufferers.

Pollen counts are hitting the high range around the Pacific Northwest again this week. This might have many people reaching for the antihistamines before they go out to enjoy the summer-like sunshine. | Latest Forecast

Tree pollen is the primary reason for the high count, with alder, ash and birch trees being the biggest contributors in the Portland area.

For those seeking refuge from the allergens, Consumer Reports just released several ways you can make your home an allergy-free zone.

Grass pollen levels are still relatively low, as the main grass bloom happens in late May/early June.

Eugene and the Southern Willamette Valley typically lead the nation with the highest grass pollen counts in early summer. No surprise there as Linn County (to the north) is known as the "Grass Seed Capital of the World."

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