Fight at Gladstone High School puts sophomore in the hospital

A student at Gladstone High School says an upperclassman assaulted him on Sept. 7, 2018. Photo courtesy Jordan Walsh

Gladstone Police arrest a teenage boy for assault after a fight broke out at Gladstone High School Friday afternoon.

Jordan Gerdes, a sophomore at the school, claims an upperclassman boy said something to him in the hallway during lunch period. Gerdes confronted him and the upperclassman punched him.

"He ended up picking me up and slamming me down on the ground, and I used my arm to stop my fall and ended up breaking my arm," said Gerdes. "I don't really know how functional my arm is going to be after I recover. I might have to relearn how to use my arm."

Gerdes said the fight was over a girl. He said students had to break up the fight.

"People are saying they were trying to look for adults but there was no one around," he said.

His mother, Kate Walsh, heard it first from her son. She said she was the one who had to call the school, and said she never got an update on what happened.

"I'm extremely shocked. I'm speechless about it," she said. "I want these kids to be in school and to be safe and not be afraid to be afraid of being jumped and being hurt because they can't find an adult."

A spokesperson for Gladstone High School said the school investigates these situations immediately, but couldn't comment on whether adults were around when the fight broke out.

The school can't discuss any disciplinary actions against students.

Gerdes' mother said she was kept in the dark, and the school handled the situation poorly.

She wants to make sure when her son goes back to school, he will be safe.

"If you can't keep these kids safe, then how do you expect parents to send them to go to school? It has to change," Gerdes said.

Police said most of the witnesses officers spoke to said Gerdes was not the aggressor.

He expects to return to school Wednesday.

Correction: Original story says the teen's last name was Walsh. It is Gerdes.

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