Learning basic self-defense moves could save your life

(Photo: KATU News)

You don't want to live in fear. Knowing how to defend yourself and being prepared to fight off an attack can make you feel safer.

World jujitsu champion Amanda Diggins is teaching a free self-defense class this weekend on some basic reactions we should all remember in case we’re in danger.

She says living in a distracted world can leave you vulnerable when it comes to self-defense.

“We’re always walking around with our head down. We forget a lot of this can be prevented if we’re more aware,” she said.

If an attacker tries to grab you, make as much noise as possible, she said. "The most important thing to know is when you're in danger and when you're not."

If an attacker comes from behind, resist the urge to break free. Your best defense may be to just drop to the ground. Dead weight is much more difficult to pull away for someone.

You can learn more about her training during the self-defense class from 10 a.m. to noon this Saturday, Nov. 11 at Straight Blast Gym, 1812 N.E. 43rd Ave.

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