Fire officials say three people were injured in Salem RV fire

Marion County Fire District #1 is investigating an RV fire in Salem that injured three people. KATU photo 

SALEM, Ore. – An elderly couple suffered burn injuries early Thursday morning while escaping their burning RV in Salem.

Fire officials with Marion County Fire District #1 say a neighbor was also burned while trying to suppress the fire with a garden hose. That neighbor, Russ Clear, was also taken to the hospital.

A family member of the elderly couple tells KATU News the wife is still in a Portland-area hospital but is responding well to treatment.

The husband was released from the hospital late Thursday morning.

Neighbor Patrick Comers says he came back to the RV park on Silverton Road Northeast and saw the flames coming from a home down the street.

Comers says when he got to the burning RV an elderly husband and wife were struggling to get down the stairs.

"They couldn't walk," Comers said. "The fire was burning the man when I came up. He told me me to take the wife, so I picked her up, carried her about 20 yards away from the RV."

Comers then went back for the husband, and then helped the couple move even further from the RV after they heard an explosion.

"I was a good 15 feet (from the fire) and it was still close enough to get burnt like that," Clear said.

The cause is under investigation.

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