Firefighters rescue man from SUV pinned by tanker

Portland firefighter Lt. Mike Warren helps a man out of his SUV after being pinned by a tanker truck on an icy overpass from Interstate 5 to Interstate 84, Saturday, Feb. 9, 2019. (KATU/Chopper 2 Photo)

For two hours Saturday, a driver was stuck inside his vehicle, waiting to get out after a crash.

An icy overpass from Interstate 5 to Interstate 84 led a gas tanker to slide into the driver’s SUV, trapping it against the concrete side of the bridge. There was no way out for the man, as the passenger side door was pinned against the hull of the tanker, and the driver’s side door was against the bridge railing.

So, Portland firefighters had a tough time getting to the man.

Portland Lt. Mike Warren said the original plan was to remove the SUV’s windshield. But instead, he hopped on the top of the SUV’s hood to help the man out through the driver’s side window.

“The hood of the car was very slick from the ice,” Warren said about how the man had to carefully work his way clear of the SUV.

The man walked away with no injuries.

But getting the tanker off the road took another few hours. The on-ramp was shut down for five hours.

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