5 years after Kyron Horman goes missing, stepmom gives first interview

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PORTLAND, Ore. - The former stepmom of Kyron Horman is sharing her story for the first time since the boy disappeared from Skyline School in Portland over 5 years ago.

On June 4, 2010, Terri Horman says she took her stepson, Kyron, to a science fair at his school in Portland. He was 7 years old at the time.

Terri Horman sat down for an interview with People Magazine, shared with ABC News.

She said she toured his classmates' projects and then said "goodbye."

Later that afternoon, she recalls, Kyron was not on the school bus. She says she called the school, and they told her he wasn't there.

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Days later Horman took a polygraph test. She says she was frustrated at her inability to hear the questions and with the results of the test.

"When that first polygraph was done, the polygrapher tells me that I failed. And my first reaction was 'how is that possible? I told the truth. How is that possible,'" said Horman.

Horman has never been named a suspect or a person of interest in the case surrounding Kyron's disappearance. The Multnomah County Sheriff's Office says it is an ongoing investigation.

In the interview, she said she never hurt Kyron and asks when investigators, family members and the public will accept that she doesn't have the answers for his disappearance. Horman recently moved to California to avoid the public scrutiny she faces in Oregon.

Kyron's father, Kaine Horman, posted about the interview on Facebook, calling it "tabloid journalism."

He wrote, "We have a HOST of MCSO and FBI investigators STILL standing by with interviews and polygraphs when someone actually wants to cooperate. FEEL FREE TO STOP BY THEY ARE WAITING!! STILL!! Until then we'll stick with the scores of people with valid/accurate information and the failed polygraphs as the only actual actions taken to date."

People Magazine reporter Elaine Aradillas visited Good Morning America on Wednesday to talk more about her interview with Horman. Go to People.com for more exclusive video on Terri Horman. On Friday, Terri will be interviewed on GMA and Nightline in a People/ABC News exclusive.

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