Forecasters say there's a chance of freezing rain in parts of Oregon and Washington

Raindrops - photo by Mike Warner

PORTLAND, Ore. – The National Weather Service in Portland says there’s a chance of patchy, freezing rain in parts of Oregon and Washington Friday.

Forecasters say the threat of patchy, freezing rain will last until 1 p.m. for valleys in the south Washington Cascades, far north Oregon Cascades and upper Hood River Valley.

There is also cold air trapped in the Columbia Basin and nearby areas. They say any rain that falls will freeze on contact with cold surfaces.

The frozen precipitation is caused by an offshore front that is pushing rain into the region.

Early Friday morning, there was also a chance of freezing rain in the lowland areas in the Coast Range, Willapa Hills, parts of the Willamette Valley and Clark County.

Experts say most areas say if freezing rain does occur, it will be short-lived.

They ask motorists to prepare for icy conditions.

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