Forest Grove teacher called racial slur by student in class

Forest Grove High School.

A Forest Grove High School student called his black teacher the N-word during class Tuesday, and now a community is rallying in support of the popular English teacher.

Max Kimberly, a freshman at Forest Grove, created a petition for the teacher on which has so far gotten more than 700 signatures.

Students and supporters are also using the hashtag #standupfg to spread the word on social media.

"We're trying to bring out community together and show her that our community cares," Kimberly said. "To know that someone so caring would have this happen to them is just devastating."

A former student at the school said Forest Grove administrators didn't do enough not only in this incident, but beyond.

"I think the [school's] no-tolerance policy is a strong step forward, but they need to have true no tolerance," the student said.

The school's principal didn't want to talk to KATU News on camera Thursday, but provided a written statement, saying in part: "The harassment of any kind if not tolerated at Forest Grove High School."

School officials say the teen was disciplined, but wouldn't say what that punishment entailed.

KATU spoke with the teacher, who didn't want to comment other than to say the experience is still very emotional for her.

Many Forest Grove parents and students have learned about the incident via Facebook, but Kimberly Howell's son was in that class. She said she brought the teacher flowers and a gift card to show her she's appreciated.

"After having her for just a few weeks, [my son] said, 'Yeah, she's my favorite teacher,' and we let her know that and she was very happy," Howell said. "[We want her to know what happened] isn't a reflection of the rest of us."

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