Forest Service asks visitors to take a break from Lower Lewis River Falls

Lower Lewis Falls - photo by Mike Warner

COUGAR, Wash. - In a recent post to the website for the Gifford Pinchot National Forest, the U.S. Forest Service asks people to take a break from visiting the Lower Lewis River Falls. It says "overcrowding and access is a challenge."

This is particularly the case on weekends during hot dummer weather, when carloads of families head to the falls to play in the water and cool off.

Posts on a Facebook page dedicated to the falls show some of those crowds in recent days filling the lower pool, with plenty of visitors in the upper pool, too.

According to the Forest Service, the number of people visiting on the weekends has worn down trails and trampled vegetation, and the number of cars are causing a problem with parking and emergency vehicle access. Access to the falls is already limited because of a slide in the area and a slump in the road. The Forest Service has closed a portion of FR90 near the falls because of the damage and difficulty traversing the area.

The Forest Service is asking visitors to help lessen the impacts on the area by choosing another waterfall to visit and enjoy. If you just can't miss the Lower Lewis River Falls, it's recommended that you go during the week when crowds are fewer.

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