Former students, families celebrate local Montessori school teacher's retirement

Nancy Pribnow (KATU photo)

People in Portland gathered Saturday in celebration of a teacher who they say changed their lives.

Nancy Pribnow is stepping down as the head of school for the 'Whole Child Montessori Cener' after 33 years.

Pribnow started the Montessori school in 1983 for her own child, because there weren't any in the area.

Montessori schools educate kids based on their natural interests rather than using formal teaching methods.

More than 100 people showed up to honor Pribnow, who says she's looking forward to retirement.

"In terms of retirement, I'm looking forward to having time to give back in so many ways people have given to me over the years," said Pribnow. "Sort of that pay it forward thing. It's now my time."

Pribnow says she's planning to volunteer at the school and stay on the board of trustees.

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