Forty years later, local couple reunited with lost wedding ring

Jan and Dean Anderson

Jan and Dean Anderson got married in the 1960s, and after only five years of marriage, Dean lost his wedding ring.

He was playing touch football in a friend's backyard in 1971 when the ring, which was already a bit loose on him, fell off.

"It was loose and it just flew off. There were so many people helping me look for it... somebody stomped it down into the dirt," Dean said.

And there it stayed, until two months ago when a contractor doing some paving work at Hazeldale Park in Aloha dug it up. He took it to Tualatin Hills Parks and Recreation officials, who posted about the ring in a blog in hopes of finding the owner.

However, it took some digging from a reporter at the Oregonian to help connect the dots -- researching the initials of the couple inside the ring, paired with their marriage date.

And though they got the ring back, it still remains a mystery how the ring moved as much as two miles from where Dean lost it.

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