Freedom Foundation sues Oregon union over collection of dues

Oregon director of the Freedom Foundation Aaron Withe talks to KATU about the reasons his organization is suing the Service Employees International Union. (KATU Photo)

A conservative think tank is suing an Oregon labor union, claiming it violated a recent Supreme Court ruling around the collection of dues.

"We think, actually, it's going to make unions better and for employees. Before, the status quo has been that they can actually just skim union dues and not deliver a benefit," said Aaron Withe, Oregon director for the Freedom Foundation.

The Freedom Foundation is suing the Service Employees International Union, or SEIU.

The case stems from a Supreme Court ruling over the summer that unions can’t require dues from their members.

White said it’s suing on behalf of several SEIU members who paid up without knowing they didn’t have to.

The union has yet to comment.

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