Friends remember 16-year-old killed by police in Vancouver

Clayton Joseph. (Contributed Photo)

His smile is who he is.

A good kid, always willing to help, with a life full of dreams ahead of him -- that's how family and friends are remembering Clayton Joseph.

A Vancouver police officer shot Joseph late Tuesday night. He later died at a hospital. Police say Joseph was involved in a fight with another man when he pulled a knife on officers.

“It’s devastating for them. They came here to the United States with a lot of hopes and dreams for their family. No one can expect this to happen,” Conner Bloxham, a family friend, said.

Joseph was just 16 years old. He moved to the United States six months ago from Micronesia. That's where he met Bloxham, who was serving as a missionary at the time.

“He was just the happiest kid you’ve ever met. He was always so willing to help us with whatever we needed. He was full of energy,” Bloxham said.

Bloxham says Joseph was trying to stop a fight when police shot him.

“He was not the agitator. He was not causing the situation. He was trying to prevent more of a problem,” Bloxham said. “He wasn’t a troublemaker; he was a good kid.”

Joseph was a student at Evergreen High School.

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