Front door pulled out of frame in bold Gresham burglary

Fastenal's general manager snapped this photo of the damage to the store's door. (Photo: Tim Clark)

A thief, or thieves, took a bold step in breaking into a Fastenal shop early Tuesday morning. The store's general manager says it appears the shop's door was ripped out of its frame after it was chained to a vehicle.

"It's super frustrating," said Tim Clark, general manager of the store on Burnside in Gresham. "It hurts business because now we're taking time out of our normal business day. I should be spending time with customers right now, servicing them. But now I'm dealing with this cleanup."

Clark says this is the fourth break-in in about four years. On previous occasions, he says thieves threw rocks through the front window or pried open a back door. Clark doesn't know if the same burglar is responsible for the multiple break-ins.

"The stuff they're taking, they're not high-dollar items," Clark Said. "Batteries, things like that, power tool batteries. If they take a lot of them then, yeah, it adds up, but the damage they do is much more frustrating than what they're taking."

It's unclear how much merchandise was taken in the latest burglary.

Clark and other employees hope someone may have seen something as they were driving along Burnside Monday night or early Tuesday morning.

If you have any information, please call Gresham police.

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