Beaverton Police: 1 night, 30 crimes involving shot-up cars

BEAVERTON, Ore. -- In one night Beaverton Police have responded to 30 separate incidents of criminal mischief.

Since 10 p.m. last night it appears the suspects have driven around shooting out the windows of cars at random with a BB or pellet gun. The vehicles hit are located in the area of SW Lombard and the Royal Woodlands neighborhood.

"It's so juvenile, we've seen this before, someone either shoots out a bunch of windows or slashes tires. There is no financial gain, it's criminal mischief," said Sgt. Shumway.

At this time police do not have any suspect descriptions. Beaverton Police is asking for the public's help. Anyone with information should contact Beaverton Police at (503) 629-0111.

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