Brutally attacked bus driver forgives, but wants justice

PORTLAND, Ore. -- The bus driver allegedly beaten by a passenger last month wants justice.

Pamela Thompson was attacked on Dec. 12, 2013 when her Line 4 bus was stopped at North Richmond Avenue and North Syracuse Street.

Police say Daemon Bowman punched Thompson in the head several times and threw her phone when she tried calling for help.

"He came up and he grabbed me and threw me down near the drivers' seat and proceeded to bash my head in about fifteen times," Pamela Thompson said.

Thompson says she has nightmares and thought she was going to die.

"I thought here is my moment, and I just pleaded to stop hitting me," Thompson said.

Bowman was released from jail Thursday morning under special court supervision and will be monitored 24/7. Thompson says the judge presiding over the case told her Bowman would receive a maximum sentence of 60 days.

"That doesn't seem right. I do offer him forgiveness, but I also want justice," Thompson said.

Bowman is set to be back in court on Feb. 5. At the sentencing TriMet drivers and Amalgamated Transit Union workers will present the judge with a petition asking for a harsher sentence.

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