Holiday homecomings ease stress at PDX

Two days before Christmas, all through PDX,
The Grinch goes on searching for fliers to vex.
In their way he throws crowds, delays, cancellations,
Mile-long lines at security stations.

But some are immune, they smile, not frown.
Watching the travelers heading back into town.
Scanning their faces, wanting to run
Straight into the arms of a returning loved one.

The epitome of the holiday season.
An excuse for a smile? This is your reason.
The pain of separation, stunningly numbing.
But it all fades away with a holiday homecoming.

So if you need calming, relief from the stress.
Some Zen for the nightmare of your traveling quest.
Look to the reunions, they'll lengthen your fuse.
And Happy Holidays from all of us at KATU News.

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