Military family upset birthday package never reached son

PORTLAND, Ore. -- A Portland couple was upset that the care package they sent their son, who's serving in the military in England, never made it to him.

Joseph and Stephanie Capatina used a Portland shipping company called Postal Works.

They said the company told them back in March the package would make it in time for their son's 21st birthday.

But a few days ago, that package wound up back on their doorstep. The Capatinas say they reached out to the company but weren't offered a refund.

We reached out to Postal Works, and heard back from the owner after our report at 5 p.m. on Sunday night.

She said the package was returned because no one in England paid the import tax that country charges for international packages.

She says there's no way she could have known how much the tax would be, and couldn't have charged the Capatinas upfront for that.

She apologized that package never made it, and promised a full refund for the $95 charge.

The Capatinas said they accepted that apology. They just want others to know that a lot goes into shipping packages internationally.

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